Professional means more than just long experience (we fly camers from late 2011). Professional means we are one of those teams who are lucky enough who truly love their job. 

What differentiate us from many others is that taking cameras to the air – creating drone or aerial videos, some call it close range aerial cinematography – is our main job. It is our passion and love and life.

We have been working with most of production companies in Estonia filming for commercials, feature films and documentaries. We’ve also been flying in India, Finland, Norway and Italy and truly love love travelling. Some examples of footage we’ve produced can be seen here.

Mostly we fly with DJI Inspire 2-ga (x7 + full lens set). But with a bigger drone, we can technically fly any camera that would fit on Mövi (we have whole range – M5, M10, M15). Our own cameras include DSLR’s (Lumix GH4 with up to 4k internal recording capability, Canon 5dmk3), Blackmagic Cinema 4k, Sony FS7, Red Scarlet Dragon.

Mövi is also part of our wirecam / cablecam solution, which can successfully replace drones in some places – indoors, flying over crowds, longer live broadcasts. Obviously Mövi can be used as handheld, rigged on car or train or do whatever else we can invent.