Henri joined company full-time in January 2022, but collaboration started already in 2019. His biggest passion is FPV, but unlike many other FPV pilots his background is film – he’s more after shots than “flying” or racing. Obviously he’s been steadily growing over the years and now is very comfortable with anything up to and beyond Inspire 2 and 3 – both as a pilot and camera/gimbal operator

Mart has too many skills to list them all, but to name just few – he’s been shooting social media stuff for GoPro when he was 17, moved on to engineer and build and fly drones for military and film industry when he was 19, joined Skycam shortly after and perfected his gimbal operator skills(starting with early Zenmuse carrying GH2 and GH3, then moving on to Mövi and Inspire 1, 2 and 3) both on land and in the air and now casually paraglides in Spain in his spare time on a wing he bought on eBay – with zero hours in flight school.

Jaan started Skycam story in 2011 mostly to fund his quickly growing hobby of building and flying drones. But in 2013 – just few months short of reaching 10 years milestone – he left his safe job at Skype (which was by then already acquired by Microsoft) and joined crazy and fabulous film industry life. And never looked back to corporate career..

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