Skycam was established in 2011, long before technology has crafted filmmaker from each and every drone owner.

Liberal drone laws in Estonia led to harsh competition yet Skycam is one of few remaining in business – we mostly fly in Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Norway, but also have good relationships in India and Jordan. Feature films, documentaries, music videos, art installations and of course commercials.

We try to keep up with technology – Arri Mini/Red go on Freefly Alta 8 Pro and we have quite some experience with DJI’s Inspire 2 + X7 and yes, there is some space in our garage for small drones also. They’re handy for scouting and .. well, they’re just fun to fly 🙂

Here’s our showreel – few examples of our recent work. Mostly it’s 2018 and few shots from 2017: